Business Office

Welcome to the Business Office


Staff can access their payroll information here:  

eFinance Employee Access Center

***All staff will need to register the FIRST TIME they visit the center.***

INSTRUCTIONS to Register for the Employee Access Center


Rhonda Achilles

Payroll/Benefits Coordinator

  [email protected]
  (802) 583-7963

Tanya Cheney

Director of Human Resources

  [email protected]
  (802) 583-7954

Heidi Clark

Accounting Clerk/Accounts Payable

  [email protected]
  (802) 583-7951

Lisa Estler

Director of Finance & Operations

  [email protected]
  (802) 583-7948

Angela Neill


  [email protected]
  (802) 583-7949

Marci Robinson

Accountant/Payroll & Benefits

  [email protected]
  (802) 583-7950