School Board

The HUUSD School Board is made up of 14 members elected by our 6 towns of Duxbury, Fayston, Moretown, Waitsfield, Warren and Waterbury. There are also three non-voting student representatives on the Board. 

School boards act as a sort of intermediary between the schools, state government, the community, and the taxpayers. While it is not the job of school boards or school board members to run schools, it is the responsibility of boards to see that the district and its schools are run well.

Broadly speaking, in Vermont school boards are tasked to:

  • Work to identify and build a shared vision for education in the community.
  • Develop and adopt a budget to support the vision.
  • Establish policy parameters.
  • Hire and work with a superintendent to lead and manage the district.
  • Monitor progress toward the vision, and assure accountability for results
  • Engage the community in supporting the education of students.

In 2019, the school board worked with our community to develop the following vision statement for our schools:

The Harwood Unified Union School District provides a rigorous, innovative, and student-centered educational experience in a welcoming and inclusive environment while ensuring equity, effectiveness, and efficiency. We will partner with our community to achieve our vision for excellence.

The HUUSD School Board operates under these Articles of Agreement. School board members are your neighbors, your colleagues, your kids’ coaches. School board members volunteer for the job because they hope to help ensure excellent opportunities for our children and a strong future for our communities. If you have an interest in joining our school board, please visit our Joining Our School Board page.

How to Engage with the HUUSD Board

The HUUSD School Board members care deeply about public education and the well-being of our students, faculty, administrators and community members. We recognize that there will be times when members of the public hope to share their opinion or understanding of the situation for our consideration. Below are documents that provide an overview of avenues to reach out to the School Board -- and what to expect in terms of outcomes.

How to Communicate with the Board

How Public Comment Works

HUUSD Board Communications Structure and Process

Current Board Members

To send an email to the entire board, email [email protected]. To contact an individual, please use one of the contact methods below:

Ashley Woods, Chair

[email protected] 802-793-4898 Term Expires: 2025 Warren

Ben Clark

[email protected] 802-917-4524 Term Expires: 2026 Moretown

Bobbi Rood

[email protected] 802-496-4198 Term Expires: 2025 Waitsfield

Cindy Senning, Vice Chair

[email protected] 802-244-8049 Term Expires: 2026 Duxbury

Corey Hackett

[email protected] Term Expires: 2025 Waterbury

Dan Roscioli

[email protected] Term Expires: 2025 Waterbury

Danielle Dukette

[email protected] 802-917-8314 Term Expires: 2025 Fayston

Elizabeth Brown

[email protected] Term Expires: 2025 Waterbury

JB Weir

[email protected] 802-363-2485 Term Expires: 2026 Waitsfield

Jonathan Young

[email protected] 802-349-2009 Term Expires: 2027 Warren

Life LeGeros

[email protected] 802-522-7683 Term Expires: 2025 Duxbury

Mike Bishop

[email protected] 802-825-5527 Term Expires: 2027 Fayston

Steve Rosenberg

[email protected] Term Expires: 2027 Moretown

Victoria Taravella

[email protected] Term Expires: 2025 Waterbury


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