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Current Projects

  • Adminstrative and Academic Database coordination and documentation
  • Harwood HS Server Virtualization (completed)
    • With redundant failover (in process)
  • WAN planning
  • IP Telephony planning for all schools other than Harwood
  • Training pathways resource development
  • E-Rate annual reimbursement
  • Support for E-Payments


  • Support for individual IT projects at all schools
  • Supervision of Valley Schools Technology Coordinator position
  • Server administration Central Office
  • Google Apps domain administration
  • Erate submission and RFP development for E-rate process
  • IT Plan support implementation
  • WWSU IT committee co-chair and support
  • Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) Tech readiness and testing support
  • Software license aggregation and WWSU software licensing
  • Creating, supporting, and implementing school IT action plans

Requests For Proposals

WWSU 2012-2015 Technology Strategic Plan

The WWSU IT Strategic Plan has been finalized and we are looking forward to implementing it.  You can get a PDF version here.

Remote Support for HUUSD

For PC remote support v 8.0: 

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For Mac remote support v8.0: 

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